DVF Program: A Brand Customers Can Rely On

Establishing a brand that our customers can rely on is Deer Valley Farm’s foundation. At Deer Valley Farm, our mission has not changed over the past 20 years: consistently producing high maternal Angus cattle with:

  • Rapid growth
  • Performance
  • Unsurpassed carcass traits
  • Maintaining structural soundness
  • Eye appeal

Besides owning daughters from the Angus breed’s most popular cow families, we own several of the breed’s most famous and proven donor females, such as:

  • GAR EXT 614
  • Rita 1I98 of 2536 Rito 6I6
  • Roth Primrose 1247
  • SITZ Henrietta Pride 643T
  • G A R Progress 830
  • G A R Objective 2345
  • Many others


Breeding Program Philosophy

With this in mind, our breeding program is relatively simple: use only the most proven AI sires. Bulls that will add performance and pounds without sacrificing calving ease and maternal traits will always be the first ingredients in a cow-calf operation’s success.

We believe we can consistently produce a uniform product that will fit our customers’ needs and offer genetics that are desired by other purebred programs by utilizing:

  • Strict AI program
  • Intensive ET program
  • Herd sire battery of leading AI sires


Sire Selection

As you study the pedigrees in our program, you will find that the majority of our females offer multiple generations of the breed’s most proven AI sires. These pedigrees also offer genetic uniformity, which helps in providing stout bulls that will transmit that uniformity to their progeny. All of the sires we use and many of those found in our foundation genetics represent cattle that posses what we believe to be the most important economic traits:

  • Calving Ease
  • Elite Growth
  • Superior Carcass Merit
  • Unmatched Maternal Traits
  • Docility
  • Ultimate Structure and phenotype



Our nutrition program consists of a high roughage diet. All of the Silage, roughage and corn fed at Deer Valley is produced on site. To develop bulls with reproductive and structural soundness, we feed or bulls in 20+ acre pens, ensuring that they get adequate exercise and room to roam.

Caring for the Land

At Deer Valley Farm, we are proud to be cattlemen and realize the importance of being good stewards of the land. Deer Valley visitors will find that we always strive to maintain an atmosphere that blends in with the environment while being user-friendly to our crew. We are avid outdoor enthusiasts and seek to consistently provide wildlife habitat, which adds to the beauty of our landscape.